Military Entrepreneur Blueprint

Your Foundation for the Success You Deserve as a Military Entrepreneur

Running a successful business takes two things.

First, you need a great idea and action plan. That's the somewhat easy part.

Second, you need to change who you are. You need to start thinking, speaking and acting like a successful entrepreneur.

Every business I have seen fail wasn't because of a lack of passion, great idea or business plan.

It failed because they ran their new business with a military mindset.

They did things the way they did it while employed in the military. The result was that every one of them needed to go and find a job.

But I know what you're thinking. All you've heard was that the military makes great entrepreneurs, right?


I'm here to tell you that my business almost failed too. The values and habits I developed during a successful military career, while absolutely were critical in the military, were now causing me to fail as a business owner.

Not only was my great business idea starting to implode, my marriage was becoming increasingly stressed and my ability to provide for my family was disappearing.

After all of my tough talk about starting a business to my family and military friends, I was starting to feel the embarrassment of a failed business, the embarrassment of needing to look for a job.

But it was that embarrassment that drove me to give it one more try.

I soon discovered that I had missed the one crucial step I had to make to become a successful entrepreneur.

I had to change who I was.

I had to change the way I thought. I had to change how I spoke. I had to change how I did things.

I could no longer operate as a member of the military with the security of a paycheck twice a month.

It was extremely difficult to do on my own and as my wife likes to joke, it also took me way too long. The amount of mistakes I made were endless. And I still make them! If you were to ask me what my biggest mistake was while starting my business every day for a year, I'd probably give you 365 different answers.

But I did it. I changed who I was and how my mind worked. And then I finally started seeing success.

And in that process I found that being a successful entrepreneur was completely different from military life.

Now I want to help you.

I want to help you not make the same mistakes I did.

I want to help you shorten your time to success.

I want to help you get a paycheck quicker than I did.

I want to help you not go through the embarrassment I did.

I want you to be able to look at your family and friends feeling proud, being able to say "I did it".

I want you to be the hero, the provider, the example for all your family and friends.

As a member of the military, you and your family have given everyone the security & freedom they enjoy in their lives.

That's why I believe that you deserve that same security, that same freedom.

And I believe you deserve it more than anyone!

Your family deserves it more than anyone!


Because you've sacrificed more! Your family has sacrificed more!

And those who sacrifice the most, deserve it the most.

And those of us who had the privilege of serving, and by "us" I mean everyone, including our spouses & families who from what I see sacrifice the most, developed what I feel is our greatest attribute from the military.

And that attribute can all be summed up with one word.


And it is that grit that is our biggest asset.

And that's also why I believe you have a better chance of success than anyone else. And with the right tools and mindset I believe you can see that success quicker than I did.

That's why I'm here to help you.

You deserve this! Your family deserves this!

If you are an active military member, retired, separated or a military spouse and either have a business or are thinking about starting one, this course is for you.

The Military Entrepreneur Blueprint is everything I've learned to succeed in my own business. It is everything I did to change who I was. It is how I changed my own thoughts, words and actions.

It's that missing piece of the puzzle that wasn't there for me.

But now it's there for you!

Here's what's included in The Military Entrepreneur Blueprint Course:

  • 7 Modules of video lessons that can be done at your own pace.
  • Over 50 videos broken down into easily digestible pieces of information.
  • First we will build the foundation of changing who you are from a dedicated hard working employee to the creative and freedom driven entrepreneur you know is inside of you.
  • Discover the differences between being in the military and an entrepreneur, often the difference between surviving and thriving.
  • Then we will dive into the basics of starting your business on the right foot. No, I'm not going to bore you with things like sole proprietorships vs corporations, or learning how to create a business plan (Which isn't even needed for most situations until you show you can make a profit for 2 years anyway!).
  • I'm going to show you what I did wrong in the beginning, what stopped me from making a paycheck and how I changed it all. It addresses the much more important dilemma of walking into your office and asking yourself, "How am I going to make enough to pay my rent today?".
  • Then we'll shift our focus to growing our business. Here I share how I found out about one of the most important rules in business the hard way. I'll share how I thought I had a great idea that people would love, how I built it and why nobody came. But more importantly I'll get into how to recognize this and turn it all around.
  • You'll learn the single most important thing I learned to grow my business and how it can be done in just minutes a day!
  • In Module 4 we'll get into creating your income deliberately and all of the embarrassing mistakes I made along the way. I'll share with you what I see is one of the biggest financial mistakes most business owners make in the beginning and how to avoid it.
  • I'll also share with you one of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning that I'm still paying for and how to avoid it. I see so many new business owners do this same thing.
  • I'll show you a technique learned from my father (who owned multiple successful business) to keep me focused on the most important tasks for my business each day, each week & each month. This "One Thing" alone has completely changed how I work everyday. It's how my father was seemingly able to accomplish in the first 2 hours of each day what would take everyone else 8-10 hours to do, and as a result freed up his time for "living".
  • I'll also reveal my little secret that kept me focused on the future while I was still in the military, with just my hopes and dreams for a more deliberate life full of freedom.
  • You also have my promise of being an open book, sharing everything I can, all of my mistakes, all of my embarrassments so you can avoid them.
  • Your Military Entrepreneur Blueprint also comes with every update I make, for as long as the course is living.
  • As a bonus, all of the video lessons are downloadable so you will never lose them.
  • And of course, by enrolling in The Military Entrepreneur Blueprint, you will receive a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

You and your family deserve the same security & freedom you've given everyone else.

I believe The Military Entrepreneur Blueprint course can be your roadmap to get you there.

It did for me...

Enroll now & start your journey to being a Successful Military Entrepreneur!

Thank you,

Chris Galluccio, Retired Military, Iraq & Afghanistan Vet

Your Instructor

Chris Galluccio
Chris Galluccio

Chris Galluccio is retired military, an Iraq & Afghanistan veteran and now a small business owner. He is the owner of Christopher Galluccio Photography and the founder of where he shares his mistakes and lessons learned during his transition from the military to an entrepreneur.

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